Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ra La Tengo? Or, The I-Ra Arkestra?

Of all the hundreds (thousands?) of artists Yo La Tengo have covered over the past quarter century, Sun Ra is probably the most unexpected. Jazz from Saturn meets indie rock from Hoboken? Sounds like a recipe for disaster on paper. And yet! For more than 15 years, YLT has dipped heavily into Ra’s vast catalog with uniformly successful results. Thus, we have today’s long awaited volume of the Sunsquashed Archives, featuring ten truly Saturnian tracks played onstage from 1997 to 2010...


Monday, 24 September 2012

The Celestial Manifest 04

David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette - Their Hunted Expression

Theater of Tragedy - Velvet Darkness They Fear

Inner Vision Laboratory - After All

Pall Bearer - Devoid of Redemption

Final - The Light Orchestra

Bleak Fiction - Translucent Ghost

Fly Pan Am - L'Espace Au Sol Est Redessine Par D'Immenses Panneaux Bleaus

Staalkracht - Self-Defence Or Slavery

Lethian Dreams - White Gold

Pelican - Angel Tears (Justin Broadrick Version)

Sabled Sun - Singularity



Loop - Fade Out

How was my weekend? Very psychedelic, fuck you very much!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kingdom of the Holy Sun – Pharmacokinetic

"Seattle psych rockers Kingdom of the Holy Sun’s new album, Pharmacokinetics, is a 14-track beggars banquet of stoned, snaky jams that run from about three to six minutes: concise enough not to try your patience, long enough to work their beatific-sundown charms on you." - Thanks Teddy's Spaceship!

Free download

Sons of Otis "Seismic" (Again)


Discordless - 148 Light Years

I stumbled across this while wandering around a site devoted to post-rock bands. And that makes a lot of sense because there are bits here that definitely will remind the listener of what may normally be thought of as post-rock music. But the band actually see themselves as playing what they call 'no-genre' music, so to try to pigeonhole it as being post-rock may be a bit unfair because there is a lot more going on here. I think if I personally had to come up with a label for this album, I would just use the over-arching and vague term 'psychedelic.'

Whatever....this album is...

Simply beautiful...

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Monobrow - Bennington Triangle Blues

Absolutely nothing original at all with Monobrow. But if you like crushingly heavy, groovalicious stoner-rock instrumentals done just right, then you'll want to check this out!

Follow by Abe Diddy and the Krautboys

"The universe is a creation entirely within a being that is outside time and space, and dreaming what we are. Everything is connected, because it’s all being created by this one consciousness. And we are tiny reflections of the mind that is creating the universe." - Stanley Owsley
Art by Sam Brown

Swervedriver- Raise

I've seen this band classified by so many music commentators as being part of that 90s shoegaze thing. And that would be due to the love of loud, clangy guitar blattage that they undoubtedly share  with a band like My Bloody Valentine.

But, I just don't see them as having that much in common with other gaze bands like Slowdive and The Telescopes. Swervedriver were just a tad on the squelchy and heavy side, compared to that ethereal crew of cloud-squatters.

Anyway, think Sonic Youth meets Zen Aracde era Husker Du, and add just a dollop of that driving heavy metal meets Blade Runner edge for an instant lost classic of the 90s!

Something like that...

Full album stream for Pyrrhon’s An Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master...

Absolutely brilliant technical death-metal!

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Celestial Manifest 03

01.Dirge - Narconaut
02.Dirge - Falling
03.AgnesVein - Earendil
04.Woods of Desolation - The Inevitable End
05.Ion Dissonance - We Like To Call This One...Fuck Off
06.Christicide - Unleash The Warriors Of Hell
07.Abhorrence [SVK] - Burial Of Evil
08.Krypt - Preludes to Death
09.Inhuman Ritual Mass Murder - May The Dead Rise And Smell The Incense
10.We Lost The Sea - Balaklava Cold


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Fuselab Podcast 07

01. Speck – Untitled
02. Anthony Phillips – Wind-Tales
03. Ben Frost – Extortion
04. Alva Noto – Argonaut-Version (For Heiner Muller)
05. Eleni Karaindrou – Fairytale
06. Deaf Center – The Day I Would Never Have
07. Julia Kent – Seul, Pendant Un Instant
08. Philip Glass – Islands
09. Brian McBride – Toil Theme Part 1
10. Anthony Phillips – Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West
Cover by Marina Timsh / Evgeny Shchukin


Law Of The Rope - The Book Of Three

Crucial atmospheric black metal!

Redness Moon Lp by Fantasmes

Some stunning lysergic haze!

Thanks! Trip Inside This House

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The City Beneath The Sea

“The City Beneath” is a longform dark ambient piece inspired by the epic, groundbreaking 1927 science fiction silent film “Metropolis” by German director Fritz Lang. The composition explores the themes presented in the film and in particular, the subterranean city of the oppressed working class. The City Beneath” was composed and recorded in early May of 2010 and released as a CDr on Black Drone: 13 Series on May 13, 2010 (catalog # 13-7) in an edition of 26 copies. By 2011, “The City Beneath” was completely sold out and had gone out of print. The original recording was very slightly tweaked, cleaned up and overall remastered in late July 2011 and re-released on Subterrestrial Netlabel. New front and back covers were created from the original graphic materials..."

Download this deep, dark and minimal ambient album for free here!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


If you need proof that screamo/hardcore music can still be crucial, look no further than French band Daitro. Epic shit in an era when meh-dom is the genral rule, and you are left wondering far too often why the vast majority of so-called hardcore bands even bother trying!


Psychic Blood - Autumn Curses

Yes, it sounds like it was recorded on a cheap iPhone speaker at a Sonic Youth rehearsal jam somewhere around the time of the Confusion Is Sex album. And yes, it

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

There's a new edition of the 6Forty Project!

Swans – Avatar    [00:00]
Colaris – Guiding Lights    [08:51]
Sleep Lady – Sisyphus    [17:12]
The Lands With Metal Beasts – Face Of Her Father    [22:42]
Imploding Stars – Close Your Eyes, Believe In Lies    [27:25]
Kasan – Hydroman Vs. That Sea    [32:02]
Dietrich – Ejército del Norte del Sur    [41:29]
Fourteen Nights At Sea – Yellow Skull Ring    [49:40]
Cosmonauts Day – The Captain    [56:25]
Lord – Toadless    [64:23]
We Made God – Droun    [70:23]
I Am No Hero – F 16    [78:08]


Ayr - Nothing Left to Give

Absolutely stunning debut BM e.p., this band is one to watch!

Chronocide - The Solitude of Man


Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Celestial Manifest, Episode 2

Drought - Peyote Princess
Logic of Denial - Apocrypha
Thanitfaxath - Freedom Is Depression
IronWitch - Gunshot Residue
Upon The Shore - Letting Go
Alda - Tearing of the Weave
Besatt - Seven Great Plagues
FleshPress - Oblivion Persistent
Genune - Neant
Flourishing - In Vivid Monochrome
Lordamor - He Eivat Elaneet



PENTEMPLE 0))) Presents: Blackened War Metal

Dark ritual burn!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Human Factor/4.Hm.F

"The job is progressive space rock; the individual is a Russian supergroup with members from Infront, Kaftan Smeha and Hagi Tragger; the organization is Human Factor. They describe their impact as“contemporary instrumental crossover between space, progressive, and alternative rock.” They certainly have the resumé and skills to get the job done..."

The rest of the story is over at Mr. Atavists!